Your Label, Yourself

Dress to Impress

The finishing touch to your wine making experience is the label. The piéce de resistance!

What’s your story?

Your label should be symbolic, it should tell a story, create a memory, or impart a feeling. It should draw you in when you look at it. Think of the bottle as the sculpture and the label as your signature – your name on your very own piece of art – your wine bottle.

What’s important to you; your child, your pet, your lover, your clients, your favorite piece of art, your family, your club, your friends, your car, your plane, your boat, your cabin in the woods?

Karen shares her Graphic Designer, Jill with you to design a label that makes your statement.


The fine print

Legal guidelines for the approval of labels do exist and need to be followed. As part of our service, we do submit labels to the Federal Certificate of Label Approval (COLA) from the Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) to insure labels are compliant.