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Mount Veeder Magic Vineyards

Grapes with Altitude

Our vineyard is located on an 80 acre parcel in the heart of the premium Mount Veeder Appellation in the Napa Valley. One of the most distinctive characteristics of this region, and the grapes we produce, is the altitude at which we farm.

Elevations at Mount Veeder Magic Vineyards range from 710 ft. to 1110 ft.

  • 16 acres are planted to vines — 15 acres of Cabernet Sauvignon and 1 acre of Merlot
  • The vines are watered from our 2-acre foot pond and our 15gpm well — both are extremely rare and valuable on this mountain appellation
  • Our vineyard is sustainably and hand farmed.  Grapes are hand picked
  • We are fortunate enough to have 7 different soil types throughout the vineyard. This complexity offers a rare and highly sought after ‘spice rack’ in the grapes and ultimately the wine.
  • Naturally low yields from well established, happy 30 year old vines – about 3 tons/acre
  • We invested in a leading edge irrigation monitoring system, The eKo Pro Series. It is a solar-powered outdoor wireless sensing system that allows us to have the ability to conserve and maximize water usage while improving the quality of our grapes. Less than 5% of the Napa Valley’s vineyards is utilizing an irrigation monitoring system of this caliber