Mount Veeder Appellation

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The Mount Veeder Appellation

Tucked away in the Mayacamas Mountains above the Napa Valley is a small 25 square mile appellation that produces gigantic wines of monumental fame. Mount Veeder, a 2,677 foot-high volcanic peak, stands at the center of the appellation. Most of the Mt. Veeder region is shrouded in Oak, Madrone, Laurel, Fir and Redwood Trees. The area spans 15,000 acres with approximately 1,000 acres planted.

Vintners & growers on Mount Veeder share a few common traits…patience, love of their vines, passion, and most of all, true grit. The volcanic soils are wide-ranging, the hillsides are steep, the farming is treacherous at times, and the yields are extremely low. Yet, the fruits of their labor render compact, full-bodied grapes with concentrated berries and extraordinary brambly flavors that are distinctive of this appellation and have not been duplicated anywhere else in the Napa Valley.


Nothing more excellent or valuable than wine was ever granted by the gods to man. ~ Plato