Meet Thalia, the muse of Mount Veeder Magic Vineyards

Mount Veeder Muses

It has been said that muses live among the vines on Mount Veeder. Perhaps because it reminds them of their volcanic birthplace, Mount Olympus.

Pockets of water hidden in crevices along the mountainsides are reminiscent of the sacred springs of their treasured Mount Helicon. These springs are the source of their inspiration as well as the magical liquid that all vines need to grow.  Few farmers are lucky enough to tap into one of these rare and treasured springs.

These nature spirits protect and inspire the grapes, as it is difficult for them to thrive with so many elements against them…growing on steep hillsides, struggling for water and obtaining nutrients from the thin volcanic soils. They believe that when the fog meets the earth, that the volcanic soils gain magical properties. This magic is absorbed by the vines, giving them all that they need to grow perfect compact berries with intense flavors.

The Mount Veeder Muses invite you to be inspired, and transform the enchanted grapes of Mount Veeder Magic Vineyards into your own magical nectar fit for the gods.

Our Muse, Thalia

The muse that roams and inspires our vineyard is Thalia. She represents growth and blooming, as well as humor.


Bacchus opens the gate of the heart. ~Homer